A high BREEAM rating can conjure a great deal of pride, for those involved in a buildings construction & for its occupants. BREEAM is the world’s most commonly used means of reviewing & improving a buildings environmental performance.

The five BREEAM ratings are as follows:

Pass ≥30
Good = ≥45
Very good ≥55
Excellent ≥70
Outstanding ≥85

Main factors toward getting a high BREEAM rating:

  • Good building management
  • How the building contributes to the health & well-being of staff/occupants
  • A reduction in CO2 emissions from building operations & transport to & from building
  • Location & access for staff
  • Water use & efficiency
  • Use of responsibly resourced materials, those with a low embodied energy & recycled material
  • Best use of the building’s location & footprint
  • Minimising pollution


Credits are awarded for the environmental impact of the development & the categories in which credits are obtained are:

  • Energy
  • Land use & ecology
  • Water
  • Health & well-being
  • Pollution
  • Transport
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Management

TACE BREEAM, red, yellow, orange, green houses with check boxes

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering