Halewood Joint Services


NHS Knowsley



TACE worked alongside NHS Knowsley, Knowsley Council and the Halewood Pathways Partnership to successful deliver GP surgeries, nursing and associated health services, a one stop shop for council services, Halewood Town Council, Citizens Advice Bureau, Halewood Credit Union, library, chemist, Post Office and Knowsley Works Plus.

The project consisted of an existing library separated by a municipal car park and a one-stop shop within the old Halewood shopping precinct. The client’s objective was to provide all of the service provisions at one point, to maximise the resource.

TACE designed a heating and cooling system that utilised low grade heat from the ground. Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground using pipes buried in the ground. This was used to warm water for radiators and under floor heating systems. It was also used as part of the variable refrigerant volume system which was a WR2 system. The heat exchanger utilised this water loop from the ground to extract and reject heat into during its operation. This ensured that a very efficient low carbon method of providing heating and cooling to the space was provided.

The energy benchmark for this building was 117kW/hr/m2. The actual operating energy was 85kW/hr/m2.

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