Oasis Leesbrook Academy


Galliford Try



The school, designed by Pozzoni Architecture and built by Galliford Try North West, is operated by the Oasis Community Learning Multi-Academy Trust and has been designed to be a school where all young people receive a personalised educational experience.

The main school building is a four storey ‘Super Block’ with an adjacent two storey sports hall and one storey building housing a fitness suite and PE classroom, meaning the facility has space 1,500 students between the ages of 11 and 16. The Academy was delivered in line with the Department for Educations standards.

The build zone of the new facility extended over an historic landfill site meaning the landfill dictated the final location of the building. This proved challenging when running external utilities, especially external lighting, as we were required to route around the methane relief pipework.


In addition to this we were required to locate the lighting columns being used to illuminate the  pitches a greater distance away from the MUGA than is usual whilst also providing shielding from the local housing to avoid light pollution. It was a careful balancing act to ensure we achieved the correct lighting level for the community use whilst ensuring we adhered to the requirements of residents.

The M&E strategy throughout the school utilised decentralised plant with hybrid heat recovery units located around the perimeter of the building to facilitate compliance to TM52 overheating criteria, and to assist in reducing costs.