TACE Team Spotlight: Jane Fox

Why did you decide to join the team at TACE?

I chose to move to TACE as I had heard good reviews in the past and liked the sound of the challenge offered. The Revit team has double in size since I joined three years ago.

What do you like most about working at TACE?

I like the positive friendly atmosphere here and the flexibility that you get working for a local, privately owned company. TACE is an enjoyable workplace with some great characters to work with which makes the day pleasurable.

I also like that the work is a good variety of projects, from small projects to large scale in all sectors. I’ve already been involved in some great projects.

How have you been supported to develop professionally?

TACE is a company that invests in it’s people and wanting to help develop others. Since joining the company I have been provided countless opportunities to continue the development of my Revit skills; I have completed a training courses focused on software like Dynamo, I have also been exposed to a wide variety of projects which has served to expand my knowledge, and I am currently working closely with the Revit Manager to develop our in-house standards. Further to this task orientated development TACE have provided workshops on a wide variety of topics ranging from mindfulness to memory skills ensuring personal development is an ongoing activity.

If you would like to know more about working at TACE you can contact us via info@tace.co.uk