Social Responsibility

TACE understand that our business needs to have a positive impact and we aim to meet the highest standards of ethics in everything we do. That means that we ourselves need to consider things like energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as including those aspects in our designs. 

Our social responsibilities fall into two categories; compliance and proactiveness. Compliance covers our commitment to legal processes and standards whilst proactiveness applies to initiatives to promote human rights, help local communities and protect the environment.

Over the years we have implemented several protocols that ensure that we continue to improve our surrounding communities;


  • ‘Think before you print’ policy
  • Stringent environmental and health & safety policies
  • Implementing energy efficient technologies
  • Support diversity and inclusion


  • Donations to local charities 
  • No cost advice and support for charities
  • School leavers work experience
  • Careers day events
  • Guest speakers at eco-build seminars
  • CIBSE sponsors