Soft Landings

The general consensus within the industry is that buildings in operation do not perform as well as they could/should. There is often a clear gap between predicted performance and achieved performance (as can be seen on Carbonbuzz) that results in part, from short comings in briefing and construction and in part from poor operation.

A soft-landings strategy is an approach designed to ensure the transition from construction to occupation is turbulence-free and that operational performance is optimised.

The transition from construction to occupation is something that needs to be considered throughout a project, not just when hand-over is imminent.

TACE construct soft-landing strategies and continually update and revise those throughout the course of a project in order to be fully prepared when hand-over arrives. There is a generic soft landings framework that TACE adopt and then adapt to each project;


Inception and Briefing

  • Ensuring that the clients’ needs and required outcomes are clearly defined.
  • Design development & review.
  • Reviewing comparable projects & assessing proposals in relation to facilities management & building users.


  • Ensuring operators properly understand systems before occupation.

Initial Aftercare

  • Stationing a soft landings team on site to receive feedback, fine tune systems and ensure proper operation.

Extended Aftercare and Post-Occupancy Evaluation

  • Outstanding issues are resolved and post occupancy evaluations are fed back for future projects.